Promoting a Bipartisan Workplace

According to Webster’s dictionary, bipartisan means; of, relating to, or involving members of two parties; specifically: marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties.

Ok, we all know that the workplace is far from a political arena…right? Because we spend so much time within or respective work places, it is quite normal for our views on issues such as politics to spill over into our daily jobs. So, how do we cooperate, agree and keep the peace when dealing with opposing views in the workplace?

Well, the standard HR response would be to remind all employees that discussions involving topics such as politics, religion, sex and age should be avoided at all costs to prevent the risk of offending hearers that may feel harassed by certain comments. As we know, not everyone follows this guidance and the conversations usually continue on until disciplinary action.

But what if employees have a healthy, friendly outlet to express their views? Employers could provide safe-places such as a break room or conference room where employees can have healthy discussions. Employers could post friendly reminders such as “let’s agree to disagree” or “everyone is entitled to an opinion” to encourage that conversations are conducted in a non-threatening manner. Ideally, members of management and human resources leaders would sit in on these discussions and act as leaders and mediators to make sure the conversations between their employees remain cordial.

Benefits of allowing this type of forum would be range from employers taking an active role in defining how communication exists in their workplace to creating a culture of teamwork and creative expression. Employers now have an opportunity to lead the way in how employees communicate by fostering tools that can be used daily in the workplace.  Employees can use these tools as they communicate their views within their community and practice having meaningful discussions, collaboration and cooperation within our society.  Conversations that will benefit our community at large.

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