137 Days

We are 137 days into 2017 and I am amazed at all of the exciting twists and turns that have happened so far. Numerous LinkedIn colleagues shared their congratulations this March as I celebrated seven years with MRS HR. MRS HR has been an alter ego and a part of my vision to create a virtual HR organization since 2010. After years of being a ‘Workingpreneur’ and holding down demanding HR roles, including a Chief Diversity Officer role, I had the opportunity to focus on MRS HR and other ventures full-time.

After following the advice of trusted mentors and stepping out on sheer faith, I joined the Los Angeles African-American Women in Public Policy Institute (LAAAWPPPI) and together with a team of brilliant, beautiful minds we made a commitment to improving economic, social and political opportunities. I am so grateful to continue my work in diversity and to strive towards removing the cultural, social, and economic barriers that have hindered women. Now a member of the Los Angeles African-American Political Action Committee (LAAAWPAC), I am looking forward to becoming more engaged in the public policy process, and assisting others in the pursuit of careers and opportunities in government, corporations and as members of boards and commissions.

Less than 100 days ago, I was accepted to be an Organizing For Action (OFA) Fellow and worked with a team of seasoned professionals on the fundamentals of community organizing. Inspired and surrounded by positivity, I applied for a PhD in Public Policy & Administration with a specialization in Law at Walden University and was accepted 5 days ago with classes starting in 12 days! It has been a busy 137 days and there are 228 more to conquer!

I share this to encourage you not to give up on your dreams. Your dreams have been set in your heart and mind for a specific reason. Get involved. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. Join LAAAWPAC, the OFA or any other local or national groups that fascinate you. Most importantly, know that if God can shift a situation in minutes – he can do immeasurably more in 137 days!

Until next time, stay in touch on social media and Utilize Your Resources!

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