YourForce: Working Like a Dog

Working like a dog has a new meaning.  While many in HR are barking up trees searching for ways to drive ever-higher workforce performance, the actual dogs are kicking back and making a mint.

According to the Wall Street Journal, The Dog Agency, a talent management firm for man’s best friends, is booking photogenic pups to push products for up to $3,000 a pop.

Like their human counterparts, celebrity canines are cashing in on their influence on sites like Instagram and Vine. They’re hawking everything from cars to shoes and shaking paws with companies keen to reach their many social media fans. One pair of bulldogs boasts more than 300,000 Instagram boosters.

It’s a useful reminder. Even when it feels like work has gone to the dogs, there’s hidden value waiting to be uncovered if we just sniff around enough.



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